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Asphalt 5 HD

Asphalt 5 HD

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Controls
  • Challenge
Asphalt 5 HD is probably one of the best looking games for Android available on the Market. It is developer by Gameloft, one of the biggest mobile game developers. You will only be able to play the game on a high-end Android device like Nexus One, HTC Desire, Droids, Galaxy S line and other phone in the same specification bracket. The game is obviously a racing game, but it has a lot of arcade and action aspects. In this game you are able to smash your enemies different ways like in Burnout game for PlayStation. This game is also a great show-off material to show what your phone is capable off.
In this game you will be able to drive exclusive super-cars, and the more races you win and the more opponents you smash, the more expensive your car gets. You start off with a humble Mini Cooper, and later get to drive Ferraris and Lambos. Along with the cars and racetracks you also unlock female companions, whatever is that about, I guess that is what game demographics crave for. You race across different continents in town like Las Vegas, Paris, Rio. There are also more “sight-seeing” oriented scenes like Aspen. Scenes are quite detailed and look stunning, just like every other part of the game.
The game offers several types of steering controls, tilting your device is by default, which was too responsive for me, and I quickly switched to tapping and liked it a lot. I am not a racing expert but physics in the game didn’t look natural, however smashing your opponent and then seeing him reappear is not something you would see in a real world either, so I guess it is intentional. What I noticed is that you don’t feel the speed with which you move much, maybe it is because I am spoiled with console type racing games, I don’t know.
There are several modes in the game. Career mode offers different events like drag racing, drift contests (which I didn’t like much), elimination event with cops (my favorite), timed racing etc. You get different amounts of cash based on your performance, they are now at your disposal to pimp your ride, or get a new one. When you drive, for various actions like drifting, taking down enemies and collecting nitro bonuses, you get rewarded nitro, which makes you move a little faster but zoom effect makes it look like you are jet-fast. You can race with your friends over Wi-Fi (given they are in the same network and have Asphalt 5 too).
Overall the game looks stunning, this is hands down the best looking game for Android I have ever seen, and it is a good match for the beautiful screen of you high-end Android device. The game is $4.99 but you can try Free version of the game before purchasing, to see if your phone is capable of handling it and if you like the basic gaming.

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What I Like:

  • Game graphics are stunning.
  • Choice in controls
  • Different gaming modes
  • Fancy Cars, customization
  • Free Version available
What I dislike:
  • Requires High-End smartphone like Nexus One, Galaxy S, HTC Desire, Droid
  • $5 price point


  1. nice

  2. i like this game

  3. looking cool game

  4.  This is what racing is all about! It has to be exhilarating and cool when it comes to graphics and gameplay. 

  5. When will Asphalt 6 be released for Android?

  6. i want to try

  7. does it work in xperia x8?????

  8. Very good!

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