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The Squibble Android game created by MassHabit Games can be played on the Android phone and it combines both strategy and action gameplay. In this game Squibble was siezed by a scientist and you must lead him through each level so he can find freedom back in the ocean. You will play as the octopus, Squibble, and have the skill of latching onto surfaces using his 2 primary tentacle appendages.
In order to snag onto a surface, just push on the part that you wish for Squibble to snag. When you need him to release, just push on the section that he’s holding and he’ll release it. You can go up and go down and toss Squibble throughout every stage. If you toss him, watch out where he comes down, since a lot of various obstructions must be avoided. You’ve got a 3 heart meter for Squibbles’ lives, and the various obstructions will use it up really fast if you encounter them. At every stage, you get water droplets, although no specific reason is given as to why you have to gather them. In order to finish every stage, you have to locate the exit. The Lite edition of this is a preview of the actual game, which isn’t available currently, but coming soon to Android Market.

Scan or click to get Squibble Lite on your Android, Free.

What I Like:

  • Great fast paced platform game
  • Pleasant graphics
  • Quite intuitive and convenient controls
What I dislike:
  • Only Squibble Lite available yet, but I can imagine the full game will be great!


  1. Full version of Squibble now available on the Android Market!

  2. Pressing the play button just exited the app back to the menu. Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate, unrooted or modified)

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